drowningpool3Drowning Pool

Despite running through singers the way Spinal Tap did drummers, Drowning Pool continues to be one of the consistent forces in the alt-metal scene. The Dallas quartet formed in 1996, and by the 2000s had secured frequent slots on the festival circuit, from Ozzfest to Wrestlemania.

"It was on a Sunday night in Salt Lake City, Utah. Friday and Saturday nights had been spent playing L.A. and Vegas. Not only did we play those cities, we took full advantage of the excess both cities offered. We pulled into Salt Lake on Sunday, sleep deprived and very hung-over...

"Everything came apart during the show. Speakers blew, guitars went out of tune. Our enthusiasm was gone by the end of the third song.

"Toward the end of the set, however, most of the crowd had come to life even though we were barely hanging on. Prior to the last song, Dave (Williams) had the audience fired up.

"'Give it up for heavy metal!' he screamed.

"The crowd roared back!

"'Give it up for alcohol!'

"The crowd roared louder! Dave had them right where he wanted them.

"With his final anthem, he cried, 'Give it up for Satan!'

"Not a peep from the crowd. It was one of those classic moments when you hear crickets chirp. We played the last song and walked off the stage in silence."

— Stevie Benton, Drowning Pool