Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk Railroad

In Homer Simpson's wounded musical lament, he asks a younger generation, "Nobody knows the band Grand Funk? The wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner? The bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacher? The competent drum work of Don Brewer? Oh, Man! " Fortunately, many fans do remember the rock power trio from Flint, Michigan. Best known for the chart-topping singles "We're an American Band" and "The Loco-Motion," as well as the classic rock radio staples "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home) " and "Some Kind of Wonderful," Grand Funk Railroad earned the distinction of selling out New York's massive Shea Stadium in a mere 72 hours during the height of the act's popularity.

"It was in Buffalo, New York, at Kleinhans Music Hall. It's a very famous place. It's one of those places that's acoustically perfect. You could put a violin player on the stage and every seat in the house is going to feel like they're right next to that violin. You could hear a pin drop. They put us on in that place as opening act for 'the solo artist Arlo Guthrie.' We come out, and even though this is early on, we're still very loud. We're probably the loudest band in America. With that audience, we cleared the place right out. They just couldn't take the volume. It was almost like the hall caught on fire, and people bolted for the exits. 'Aaaagh! Help! Run for your lives!' You can't put a loud rock band in a place like that, especially when the people are there to see a solo artist strumming an acoustic guitar. ... That's more of a promoter's worst gig."

- Don Brewer, Grand Funk Railroad