los_lonely_boysLos Lonely Boys

Guitarist Henry, bassist Jojo and drummer Ringo Garza began touring as grade schoolers while backing their father, Ringo Garza Sr., a conjunto musician who came to prominence during the 1970s in The Falcones. Eventually, the younger Garzas struck out on their own as Los Lonely Boys. Upon the release of a 2004 self-titled debut, the Texas trio began racking up hit singles and Grammy nods via their fusion of Tex-Mex rock and guitar-driven blues.

"Man, it's tough to recap and recall the worst gig -- there are so many of them that went south. Basically, when we first started out, I would have to say that was one of the worst gigs. We were doing a show in ... I think it was Big Springs, Texas. We were playing a show with a conjunto band named Michael Salgado. They were playing, and they were kind enough to let our dad and us play with their stuff. We got up on the stage, and while we were playing, somebody shot one of (their) members. Our dad's theory of music was, 'Never stop no matter what's going on! Don't stop!' At first we didn't realize what was going on. We just saw a big commotion and heard the sound, but we were still going along. There was pepper gas flying everywhere. It was a big crowd, a big fight, and everything started breaking out. ... So we're looking at each other and were like, 'We should stop.' We vacated the premises as quick as we could. We didn't want no more bullets flying."

— Henry Garza, Los Lonely Boys