Graham NashGraham Nash

As the N in CSN  aka Crosby, Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young) – Graham Nash has been cranking out albums since the mid-1960s. The Lancashire, England, native scored his first of many top ten hits as a member of The Hollies before heading stateside. He's one of the few musicians influential in both the British Invasion and the Los Angeles scene during their respective heydays. Nash's best-known compositions include "Our House," "Teach Your Children" and "Just a Song Before I Go." The twice-inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently authored the best-seller "Wild Tales," one of the all-time great memoirs about the rock scene.

"I think it could be the worst tour we ever played. When David Crosby was really deep in cocaine madness, we had to build a small room off to the side of the stage so he could go and get high between songs. Stephen (Stills) and I, God bless us, we managed to cover it all up and not let the audience even know what was going on. But that tour in the early '80s was a very sad tour for me. I felt I was betraying the muse of music. We were giving it our all. And in that tour, I began to question myself as to whether I was actually enabling David to get deeper into drugs. Music was such a great part of his life  and he was so down  I didn't want to take the music away from him. The flipside of that is the more I made him concentrate on the music and the more records we made, the more money he made and the more drugs he could buy. My answer to that question is not a show, but a tour. Every show was like that. Moment by moment, every show was the worst."

— Graham Nash, Crosby, Stills & Nash